Garbage & Recycling

Recycling Center is Now Open
The Recycling center is located at 1440 9th St, Leeds, AL 35094

Recycling is now Open only during regular business hours, with No dropping off after hours:

New Recycle hours.

Monday thru Thursday 6AM until 2:30PM

Friday 6AM until 12:30PM

Lunch 11:00AM until 11:30AM Daily


ACCEPTED MATERIALS:                                     UNACCEPTED MATERIALS:

Aluminum/metal cans                                          Food/Household Garbage

Size 1 & 2 Plastic Bottles & Containers                Glass

Cardboard Boxes (broken down)                         Styrofoam

Newspaper/Office Paper                                      WalMart/Grocery store Bags


Please separate your plastic, paper and cans into individual bags


Leeds Bulk Waste Information

Bulk Waste Map and Schedule
Trash and Limb Pickup Policy


If you have material to take to the dump, here is a link for more information on the Star Ridge Landfill at:

Here is information directly from their website for address, contact information, hours of operation and materials accepted:

Advanced Disposal Star Ridge Landfill
3301 Acmar Road
Moody, AL 35004